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Johannes Malsam

I’m Johannes Malsam. I’m currently working as a Cloud Engineer for an automotive Big Data system at Elektronische Fahrwerksystem GmbH.

The focus of my job is to implement, test, deploy and operate web services written in GO and Java on multiple public cloud environments like AWS and Azure.

I like the simplicity of the GO programming language and I think this is one of the main reasons why GO is frequently used by modern Open-Source software projects. With projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Terraform and many more, GO has a huge impact on state of the art software architecture and is empowering industry standards for cloud-native development.

In this blog, I’m going to post about development with GO, testing GO programs with CICD Pipelines, and finally operating them on the target platform, Kubernetes.

If some of these articles and code examples can help you to implement more resilient systems with GO, mission accomplished.

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